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Saad Raja Tips on how to design user-friendly forms

Forms remain an essential feature that enables interaction with users on a website. Research statistics claim that due to fast-evolving user trends, 88% visitors on a website either purposely leave forms blank, or fill them up with irrelevant information. The major reason behind this remains that forms are not user-friendly

Some basic elements of mobile website design

The first pill rule to apply flat design is that it will add a depth to the site to remove those resources, drop shadow, bevel, or gradient - it is best to keep these elements in the bay. Every element of the site is visible to visitors and is prone

Finding The Right PCB Manufacturer: Things That Matter!

It goes without saying that printed circuit boards (PCBs) are important for the electronic and electrical industries. No matter whether it’s gadget like smart watch or a simple toy, printed circuit boards are everywhere. The purpose of a PCB is rather simple – it connects and unifies varied components, including