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Finding The Right PCB Manufacturer: Things That Matter!

It goes without saying that printed circuit boards (PCBs) are important for the electronic and electrical industries. No matter whether it’s gadget like smart watch or a simple toy, printed circuit boards are everywhere. The purpose of a PCB is rather simple – it connects and unifies varied components, including mechanical and electrical ones, together. In easy words, it is responsible for running the product. If you are looking for PCB assembly near me, the first step is to find a manufacturer. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to find a PCB manufacturer.

  • Understand your requirements. Not all companies that are into printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly are the same, and it only makes sense to find one that can work for your requirements. Some companies deal in standard designs only, while others are more experienced with high-end production needs.
  • Check the turnaround time. There’s a reason why turnaround time is so, so important. There are manufacturers who offer a cheap quote, but may take at least a few weeks before your PCB order is ready and shipped. There is no harm in paying a tad more for your requirements, if the manufacturer is capable of delivering quick.
  • Discuss the assembly method. Many experts agree that the assembly is the most complicated aspect in producing electronic products, mainly because product sizes are getting smaller by the day, and often the process of attaching the physical components is the toughest task. There are four different choices as far as assembly is concerned, which includes “hot-air-gun soldering”, professional assembly and hand soldering. The last one is hardly used as it is quite impractical.
  • Ask for references. References come in handy when it comes to PCB manufacturers. Ask them about the range of products they have produced, the clients they have worked with and their shipping locations and terms. Call up a few of their clients to know if they have had a good experience of working with the company.

  • Get an estimate. It is easier than ever to get a PCB assembly online quote from manufacturers, which is usually offered for free and without any obligations. You don’t have to agree to it, but knowing the cost of each PCB just helps in understanding the product cost. Don’t cut corners by opting for cheap choices, because eventually everything runs on the PCB, and if the design and assembly is done right, half of the work is done.

To know more on PCB assembly and manufacturing process, talk to a few manufacturers and check if they can help with prototypes. Custom PCB design may take time, so start early and get your prototype tested.