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Is There a CRM for 3dcart? Yes, Here’s How it Will Improve Your Bottom Line

If you’re a 3dcart seller, you are probably looking for ways to connect with your customers and build stronger relationships with them to increase loyalty and retention. But if you look through the Ecommerce App Marketplace by 3dcart, there aren’t many tools that offer you that capability. What you need is a CRM, or customer relationship management, solution that connects right into your 3dcart store.

But is there a CRM for 3dcart? Yes,there is. A CRM will open your eyes to the performance of your store by showing you detail-rich data in real time, and it will help you put names and faces to the inventory you’re shipping out every week. The result is a better understanding of your customers so you can more effectively sell to them and make them happy.

With extensive data, robust organization tools and an instantly-created customer contact list, a 3dcart CRM can elevate your store and help you make transformative business and marketing moves. Here is how it will improve your bottom line.

Track Trends in Real Time

3dcart CRM real-time reporting allows you to track trends as they are happening. Whether you’re looking at shipping, returns or fluctuating best-selling products, you can see it all within the CRM. The user-friendly dashboard aggregates the data from all your sales channels within minutes of connecting the CRM, so you can view everything in one place. Stay ahead of the curve with these reports to fully optimize your store.

See Orders in a New Way

On the seller’s end, an order is product(s) that needs to get out the door. But there are real people behind each order, and a 3dcart CRM will help you understand those customers by letting you tap into their journey. From the moment someone places an initial order, you’ll see tracking, invoice, shipment, notes with tagging, events, timeline and more. Orders are also categorized by buyer, so you can easily see repeat customers and serial returners. Make notes in the CRM by tagging customer contacts for easy categorization and sorting.

Stay Organized with Tasks, Calendar and Notes

A 3dcart CRM will offer you a full toolkit to streamline your store’s organization. Tasks, a color-coded calendar, and notes features work together so you will never miss another detail. In tasks, you can create assignments for yourself or other team members and add details like due dates and notes, which automatically transfer to your calendar. Add meetings or other events to the calendar, and watch your days become more productive as you and your team stay on track.

Watch Improved Collaboration and Customer Service

Every user who has access to the 3dcart CRM will be able to see what the rest of the team is doing with high visibility through Tasks and the calendar. When everyone is on the same page, communication is more efficient, and it’s far easier to collaborate. This helps every department but especially customer service, who can get up to speed on a customer’s history with one read-through of his/her profile in the CRM.

Decrease Shipping Costs and Make Returns Hassle-Free

Because 3dcart CRM is built for ecommerce, there are additional plugins for two major aspects of selling online: shipping and returns. CRM users can opt in to low-cost shipping that instantly unlocks discounts and also quickly prints shipping labels for that extra touch. Returns are also made hassle-free with the implementation of an automated returns portal that eases the stress for buyers and sellers alike. It will also give you more second-chance sales opportunities and loyal customers who would rather shop at your store than one with a rotten returns policy.