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Knowing what to look for in titanium suppliers

Titanium is not just a purchase – it’s an investment – and you need to make sure that you choose titanium suppliers that you can trust. This is where Ti-Tek, can help. Using our expertise, we can assist you inchoose exactly the right titaniumfor your project.

About titanium

Titanium is an element that is found in group 4 on the periodic table.  It is one of the most fascinating metals on the market and offers countless advantages for many applications.

Offering high strength and low density, titanium bars are designed with the needs of many different industries in mind.

Here we explain what you need to look out for when choosing titanium suppliers:


Whether you’re looking to buy titanium bars or to find out whether titanium rods are right for you, finding an experienced supplier will make it easier.

At Ti-Tek, they don’t only provide top quality products, their team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in supplying titanium rods for various applications.

They can help you to gain a clear understanding of titanium; what it is, what it can be used for and whether you can benefit. Choosing titanium from Ti-Tek will guarantee excellent service and access to sound recommendations and advice.

Varietyof products

For those who aren’t entirely sure what they need, titanium suppliers should be able to recommend which products will suit you best, from the following:

  • Titanium bar
  • Titanium bolts
  • Titanium exhaust
  • Titanium plate
  • Titanium rod
  • Titanium sheet
  • Titanium tube
  • Titanium wire

If you’re looking for titanium that suits your specific size, dimension and shape requirements, then you need a supplier with an extensive range of stock. At Ti-Tek, the titanium bar is available to order in several sizes – making it easier for you to find metal that suits the demands of your project and saving you the hassle of cutting, moulding or welding metal.

Different titanium grades

When it comes to choosing a titanium rod or sheet, there are many different titanium grades available for you to choose from.

In its purest form, titanium is durable but is made stronger when it’s combined with other elements. Ti-Tek supply titanium in grades 1 to 12 – offering suitability for an array of applications.

Additional services

Before you decide whichtitanium suppliers are right for you, you need to think about what else they can do for you. The team at Ti-Tek are always on hand to help – offering additional services to ensure that you have everything you need .

They saw, cut and machine parts to meet your exact specificationsand can also provide you with technical advice and support, should you need it.

Provide mill test report

If you’re to select the best titanium bars and rods, you want to make sure that they are up to standard.

The mill test report is provided as a certificate of authenticity andproves that titanium is compliant with all quality and safety standards.

Quick delivery

Titanium suppliers should aim to provide all customers with a convenient service and make sure that products arrive in plenty of time.

To ensure that deadlines are met, Ti-Tek offers quick turnaround timesat no additional costs. .Their range of titanium rods, bars, sheets, plates and tubes can be delivered to all areas in the UK.

So, if you’re looking for titanium suppliers you can trust, look no further than Ti-Tek. Call them today on  0121 382 4121.